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good morning, america. wild weather. up and down the east coast, trees taking on houses. a jet crash-landing and blinding rain. entire cities blanketed by sudden squalls. and thousands of people out of power. we're tracking the latest in the storm zone. the president pushes back. obama ridicules mitt romney's claim on the secret tapes that almost half of americans believe they're victims. plus, the surprising comments overnight from running mate, paul ryan. is the damage control helping or hurting? real-life da vinci code. is one of the mysteries about to finally be solved? a tiny scrap of paper that could prove jesus had a wife. why this faded fragment might solve an age-old question. and jennifer aniston's big reveal. her top secret home security
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tapes revealing she's pregnant with triplets. it's all a spoof. wait until you meet her kids. >> can i go swimming? >> please be a good boy and go upstairs and take a nap. jimmy kimmel having some fun with jennifer aniston there. good morning. robin on her medical leave. josh is off. glad to have elizabeth vargas and amy robach here with us. a lot to get to this morning. let me show you pictures from paris. it looks calm right now. but riot police are gathering right now, as france announces it will close its embassies and schools in almost 20 countries. there are big fears of a hostile reaction to a magazine there, that is publishing new cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad. >> after all the violence in the middle east, there's concern
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about those upcoming cartoons. a major alert about arsenic in your rice. one bowl a day could increase arsenic levels. we'll get into the brand new reports out this morning. what it might mean. so many meals have that as a staple. >> they sure do. i'm getting killed in my ear, guys. what's going on up there in the control room? >> hello? hello, george? can you hear me? big bird, george cannot hear me. >> gosh. i guess we'll have to just wing it. >> cookie monster, ben sherwood's on line one. >> oh, boy. oh, boy, oh, boy! >> uh-oh, they better figure out a way to take that call. that would be our boss, guys. pick up line one, please. so much fun ahead. antics, mayhem with "sesame street." line one, we're coming. first, let's get to the
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vicious weather storms, ripping through the east coast overnight. sam has been tracking it all. he's here with all that. hey, sam. >> big lines of wind, rain, lightning. anything you can imagine. they weren't your garden variety thunderstorms. they stretch for hundreds of miles. and they really lasted well into the night. this is a very powerful cold front that moved through. and you can see the wind reports, about 115 damage reports, just from the wind alone. this was all up and down the eastern seaboard. four to eight inches of rain fell in just a few hours and six tornado watches were issued tuesday, from the carolinas to new york. just look at this time-lapse video that shows the city of philadelphia, disappearing behind a wall of rain. winds over 60 miles per hour, toppled trees and snapped power lines, from washington, d.c. to massachusetts. and eyewitnesses claimed down electrical lines set this police cruiser on fire. >> the police car was covered in flames. >> reporter: tens of thousands spent the night without power. this tree is was a wake-up call. this 110-foot red oak cashed through the roof of this new jersey home just as the family was sleeping.
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no one was injured. >> you're panicked. i was just crying. >> reporter: traffic was stalled and flights delayed up to three hours. this north carolina mall was under water, after a creek flowed into the parking lot. and this corporate jet hydroplaned on the runway, crossed an embankment, crashed into a wooded area in macon, georgia. only minor injuries were reported. amazing there weren't more injuries from this line of storms. there is pressure, cooler air behind it. 63 in mits today. we'll have all of america's forecast coming up. we're going to get to the latest on the secret tapes causing so much trouble for mitt romney, just 48 days before the election. president obama weighed in on letterman last night. romney doubled down on fox, as polls show obama with a clear lead in key states. jake tapper is in washington. >> reporter: good morning, george. president obama trying to use those remarks about 47% of americans to paint romney as unable to unite the country.
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>> 47% of the american people voted for john mccain. what i said on election night was, even though you didn't vote for me, i hear your voices. >> reporter: on "letterman," the president took a jab at mitt romney, over this video leaked to "mother jones" magazine, showing romney say 47% of americans think they're victims and won't vote for him. >> my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never get their vote. they should take personal responsibility. >> my expectation is, if you want to be president, you have to work for everybody. not just for some. >> reporter: and while governor romney defended his remarks on an appearance on fox news. >> we're, of course, talking about a campaign. and how he's going to get close to half the vote. i'm going to get half the vote, approxima approximately, i hope. >> reporter: running mate, paul ryan, says romney would say it differently now. >> he was obviously inarticulate making this point. and the point we're trying to make is, under the obama
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economy, government dependency is up. >> reporter: late tuesday, "mother jones" leaked the full secret video, in which romney suggests his campaign could capitalize on a foreign policy crisis. >> if something of that nature presents itself, i will work to find way to take advantage of the opportunity. >> reporter: romney tried to pivot, reaching back 14 years to an audiotape of then-state senator obama, how to make governments more efficient by pooling resources. >> i actually believe in redistribution, at a certain level, to make sure everybody has a shot. >> i think a society, based upon a government-centered nation, where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money, that's the wrong course for america. >> reporter: but of course, those comments that romney made, the 47%, are the news. and right now, we have news that the pro-obama super pac, priorities usa action, is running a new tv ad in six battleground states, featuring those comments. and saying that romney does not
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understand real americans. george? >> we knew that would be coming. jake, thanks very much. let's get more from our newest political analyst at abc news, nicolle wallace, who everyone is -- serve d as communications chief for george w. bush. we saw mitt romney there embracing this debate over big government. and a senior official for the romney campaign tells "the wall street journal," we think we can turn this into a debate that's good for us. do you buy that? >> look, i buy that they remain steady and confident. they're heartened by the national poll numbers, which show them just a point behind president obama. but the problem with the last two weeks, inside the romney campaign, they're not having meetings about that tape. they're having meetings about what i think has become a structural problem for them. you win by convincing the voters that you're a stronger leader than your opponent. his gaffe last week made that a higher hurdle for him. and you win by making people feel you understand their problems. his gaffe this week made that more difficult.
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>> and so they first have to get to a do no harm stance. the polls, basically tied right now. but we do see mitt romney falling behind in the key battleground states, pretty much across the board. >> this is the first campaign i think in about 20 years where they're paying closer attention to national polls than state polls. that has a lot more to do with the spin they're telling all of us, than what they really believe is a path to victory. you can't look at those state numbers and feel good about the way the message is being received, no matter what they have to say about what they feel is an increasing head wind from the media. >> finally, candidates have a couple of september slumps. you worked for george w. bush 2000 campaign. he recovered. president obama had a rough start in september of 2008. what's the most important thing mitt romney needs to do right now? >> they need to stop being hostage to their own mistakes. they have to get back to talking about what they're going talk
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about at 8:00 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. let's get the rest of the news. amy robach in for josh. >> we begin with breaking news overseas. a french magazine has published highly offensive cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad, threatening to ignite a new firestorm across the muslim world. we're just learning that france has closed embassies and schools in at least 22 countries because of rising security concerns. the cartoons come amid already high tensions, stemming from that anti-muslim movie produced in the united states. and a scare for the u.s. ambassador to china. his cadillac was surrounded by a mob throwing bottles, outside the embassy in beijing. they were protesting japan's claim to a chain of disputed islands off the chinese coast. guards had to run to surround the ambassador's car and escort him to safety. and schools are back open in chicago this morning for the first time in more than a week. union members voted to end their strike, even though their new contract has not yet been ratified. both sides compromised. the school day will be longer.
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but teachers will get a 17% raise over the next four years. and they'll be evaluated in part on their students' test scores. and a wake-up call about america's expanding waistline and rising health care costs. a new report estimates by 2030, more than a dozen states will have obesity rates over 60%. that means 6 in 10 people will be roughly 30 pounds or more over their desired weight. adding billions to the cost each year to treat obesity-related diseases. and an intriguing scrap of paper, smaller than a business card, is re-igniting an age-old religious debate, did jesus have a wife? a harvard scholar has just revealed that a faded piece of papyrus written coptic -- it says jesus said to them, my
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wife, who goes on to say mary. and, she will be able to be my disciple. asking that people might weigh in on that. the piece of paper, 1.5 by 3 inches. >> there's been debate whether mary magdalene was married to jesus. a whole set of gospels claim that's true. it would have been very unusual for a jewish man that time not to be married. it's going to add a lot of fuel to the debate. thank you, amy. >> sure. now, to new warnings about an american staple, rice. "consumer reports" is releasing a new report detailing what it calls worrisome levels of arsenic in my common rice products. the fda is out with a similar report today. what does this mean for your family's health and the family dinner table? abc's jim avila is in washington with that. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it's a world staple. the starch that feeds babies to seniors. and now, a troubling warning that limits how much rice we eat, from a prominent source. rice eaten just once a day, can drive arsenic levels in the human body up 44%. eaten twice a day, can lead to a
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70% increase in arsenic, according to a sobering report, released to "good morning america" by "consumer reports" magazine this morning. >> consumers ought to take steps to moderate their consumption. >> reporter: "consumer reports" tested for arsenic in many forms of rice. from sere cereal for bay buys and adults to whole grains. the magazine calls worrisome levels of arsenic. some products had five-times more than the arsenic found in oatmeal. 1 1/2-times more than the epa's legal standard for drinking water. inorganic arsenic is considered a level one carcinogen, linked to lung and bladder cancer. today, the fda will announce it is studying arsenic in rice, too. and recommends a varied diet. "consumer reports" wants more. >> we called for that on apple juice in january. we're calling for that in rice products today. >> reporter: surprisingly, when
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it comes to arsenic, the less nutritional white rice is better than brown, since the carcinogen is most prevalent in the outer layers of the grain. and white rice is polished, removing some of those layers. the usa rice federation does not dispute that arsenic is in rice. they say while that is a scary worry, there's no documented evidence of actual illness linked to rice. >> rice is a safe and nutritious food. there's very, very low levels. >> reporter: rice contains more arsenic that other grains, experts say, because it's grown while submerged in water, soaking the poison from the ground into the rice. one suggestion from "consumer reports," cook the water in fresh water, lots of it, a six to one ratio. after you have rinsed the rice. elizabeth? >> rice is a huge component of latin american and asian diets. that's incredible. all right, thank you so much. george? >> have to be careful. we're going to turn to the latest airline move that has passengers outraged. some carriers, asking parents to pay more just so they can sit with their kids.
7:14 am
it comes as troubles mount for american airlines. and abc's lisa stark has that story from reagan national airport. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, george. with all of the packed flights and the fees for premium seats, some parents feel they are being forced to pay extra for those seats just so they can guarantee they will sit with their children. it's another in a long list of airline woes, woes that are especially affecting passengers who are flying american airlines right now. the carrier is in bankruptcy and imposing new work rules and benefit cuts on pilots. and passengers are caught in the crossfire. pilots with american airlines seem to be so frustrated, they are calling in sick and delaying, even grounding, flights for minor issues. in one case, reportedly a broken coffee pot kept the plane at the gate. the jet eventually took off. pity the poor passengers. the johnsons arrived home in dallas 24 hours after their american flight was canceled.
7:15 am
>> frustrating. with little kids traveling, and having to miss school. >> reporter: the pilots union insists there is no organized slowdown. but something is going on. only about half of tuesday's flights arrived on time. it's not just a slowdown that has passengers reeling. travels on nearly all airlines already upset over all those extra fees. now, many saying airlines are holding parents hostage, changing seat assignments that mom and dad had booked to sit with their children. that may mean families have to pay high fees to ensure they can sit together. and that doesn't sit well with the moms we talked to. >> that's outrageous. as a parent, you want to make sure that you're taking care of your child. >> reporter: politicians are even getting involved, with one congressman introducing the families flying together act of 2012, which would protect families in flight. >> you have that expectation
7:16 am
that the airline would be such that it would kind of make an unwritten promise to you that you can sit with your children. >> reporter: now, airlines insist there's no requirement that families pay the extra fees so they can sit together. but sometimes that may mean that families have to depend on the goodwill of other passengers to move seats so they can sit with their children. elizabeth? >> lisa, thank you so much. now, to a surprising backlash from korean rapper psy's hit "gangnam style." 14 california lifeguards were fired from their jobs after they posted their own version of the dance on youtube. they were have fun. but local officials say it was an improper use of city property. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: the beat is irresistible. ♪ >> reporter: the giddyup dance moves, infectious.
7:17 am
♪ gangnam style >> reporter: the nation is taking its collective caboose, "gangnam style." at the naval academy. ♪ "saturday night live." ♪ even here, on "gma." ♪ ♪ gangnam style but when the lifeguards of el monte, california, posted their "gangnam" parody on youtube. ♪ ♪ gangnam style all 13 of them, plus a supervisor, were fired. >> we just wanted to do it for fun. and to commemorate our summer. we never thought it would have blown up to something like this. >> reporter: there was a clear unauthorized use of city resources, reads the statement issued by city officials. including, city-issued uniforms. there's a facebook page and an online petition, backed by thousands, pleading for reinstatement. and now, psy, the south korean, who busts those moves, he's knee-deep in the brouhaha, speaking out to mtv news. ♪ gangnam style
7:18 am
>> i'm begging you to -- do not fire, please. >> reporter: last night, el monte city council listened to earnest pleas from the li lifeguards. >> all of the employees fired are good employees. >> it's a case of the punishment not fitting the crime. >> reporter: in solidarity, i've been dancing "gangnam style" all morning in my office. on company property. hopefully i won't get fired. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ gangnam style >> oh, nick. >> nick's pretty good at that. you will not get fired, sam, for a little bit of gangnam style. >> you're right. there will be no possibility of it. let's just get -- >> give it a go. give it a go. >> let's give these kids their jobs back, by the way. i'm sure city property's been used for worse. okay? let's show you what's happening here. we have that cold front. this is the front that made its big move across the country and dropped temperatures by about 30
7:19 am
degrees as it passed through with strong storms. now, it settles into florida. it will bring some rain with it. it's not going to bring you strong cooling. it's weakened now. about five degrees cooler in the area that gets the front through. here's where the heat stays. there's big fire watches and warnings out. for the northern part of this map. 80 in omaha. some gusty winds, very warm and dry air.
7:20 am
>> now, thankfully, the big booed settles down. we'll have america's weather in the next half hour. coming up on "gma," stunning secret recordings made in one woman's home. she's suing her ex-husband for installing a secret camera while they were still married. plus, the fake surveillance footage of jennifer aniston and that huge baby bump that has everyone talking. and the guys from "sesame street" are here. but where is burt? >> i can't believe i'm late. it's locked. >> i can't believe i'm late. iin america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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try our new lunch-size grilled chicken fajitas, with sauteed onions and peppers, served with soup or salad. lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. enjoy them with friends, because a lunch together feeds the friendship. and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best breaking news in san francisco, a fire at the 6th street extension to i-280 impacting traffic. >> it is between the extension, under the freeway, chp is working to shutdown the freeway northbound until they
7:25 am
get that fire extinguished in the vicinity of king and fifth near at&t park below the freeway. northbound 280 working to shutdown the freeway. you want to take 101 we'll follow this elsewhere slow to the caldecott tunnel because of an accident in the bore center bore southbound 101 at petaluma off to another accident. sky 7 hd headed to that fire. we'll see what is going on, later on.
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. welcome back. cloud cover atop of san francisco, 70 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. quart mile visibility santa rosa and napa, thicker as you head south on 11 -- 101. 44 napa the rest of us 50s. by the afternoon 50s along the coast mid and upper 60s bay, 70s inland.
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it's hot out there. oh, god. oh, god. oh. so much better. how are my little triplet's doing? i'm so thirsty. >> look at that baby bump on jennifer aniston. >> of course. getting home like that. yeah. >> now, we know her secret. she is having so much fun. the tabloids have been given her so much trouble over the years. it's gone wildly viral. robin is on her medical leave. josh is off. great to have elizabeth vargas and amy robach here. >> robin is getting a day of rest. we hope she's resting, not
7:31 am
watching. we have a serious note. a woman who says her ex-husband used hidden cameras to spy on her while they were still married. the secret recordings are fueling a bitter legal battle. we're going to get into that. and everybody's talking about "twilight," and some big news that may be happening. kristen stewart and robert pattinson, reportedly talking again. the biggest stars in the franchise. could they be giving their failed real-life romance another shot? and "sesame street" is taking over times square. some of the characters are here. and they're getting ready for their close-up. >> i want to look natural. >> i just have a feather cap. >> did you see the powder puff? >> a feather puff. after lara had a little hair
7:32 am
cut. >> that was my nickname in high school. >> big revelation from lara this morning. thank you for that. we're going to get to that. now, we have to turn to the serious case of home spying. a woman from ohio is suing her ex-husband over secret recordings made while they were still married. katherine sanks says he wired their homes for months. and now, she wants him to pay for it. >> reporter: you know, the song, "i always feel like somebody's watching me." that's the case for this woman. but she says her ex-husband used surveillance to monitor her constantly. her lawyer says it wasn't for protection. >> there it is. there it is. i found it. >> what? >> an eye hole here. >> reporter: zach holbrooke was in shock when he discovered a hidden camera in an electrical outlet in his living room.
7:33 am
more startling, the equipment was put in place to spy on his mother, katherine zang, secretly put there by her husband, joe. >> i felt very violated. >> reporter: this equipment was hidden behind the walls in at least one room in her home. a simple home video camera, tv and recording device, tracked her family's every movement, including a vicious argument between cathy and joe. even capturing the moment police showed up. >> you pushed me. good god. what is wrong with you? >> reporter: the recordings went on for months and are now at the center of a federal court battle over the right to privacy in the 21st century. >> what do you do when both people pay the bills? when both people share the same computer, purchase it together? it's difficult for a prosecutor to say, well, you have committed a crime against this other person. >> we're not going to allow
7:34 am
victimization like this to continue. joe is a home builder. he has actually put small microphones and cameras in wall outlets and disguise them as actual wall outlets. to the average person, it looks like an outlet on the wall. >> he was hacking into my personal computer account and getting into my e-mails. at some point, he had a gps on my car. >> reporter: catherine divorced joe last year. but now, several of her relatives and friends are battling him in court, filing lawsuits for privacy invasion, after they, too, were caught on those secret recordings. >> he was pretty much videotaping 24/7. there are some embarrassing things that, you know, i wouldn't want other people to see because i was in the privacy of my own home. >> reporter: we tried to reach out to joe zang and his lawyers. but neither returned our phone calls. what makes this case even more complicated, is catherine's lawyer, don, was removed from the case two weeks ago because he might be called as a witness.
7:35 am
he's married to catherine's sister. and according to joe, don was the one who advised him to install it in the first place. >> a lot of twist there's. >> that is a lot of twists. now, we're going to turn to the latest in the shocking georgia murder trial. the defendant in this case is acting as his own attorney. 17 years after the crime he's accused of. and it was an emotional day in court on tuesday, when he cross-examined the young man of the young mother he is accused of killing, the same young man he's accused of attacking. steve osunsami has the story. >> the person in the room, grabbed me and started stabbing me a bunch. >> reporter: nicholas smith was fighting back tears. telling his story, on all all days, his mother's birthday. >> i thought she was home. and i -- i went downstairs. and she wasn't there. >> reporter: he was just 5 years
7:36 am
old in 1995, when prosecutors say his mother, karmen smith, a delta flight attendant, was strangled by waseem daker, on trial for that murder, and acting as his own attorney. police say daker was wearing a mask. waited all day for the boy to come home and stabbed him 18 times. smith showed his wounds to jurors. >> he covered my mouth. and then, kept stabbing me. and then, i just got up and fainted. >> reporter: police say all of this was an act of revenge against his mother's roommate, loretta blatz, who helped send daker to jail for stalking her. >> i could see when they ran past the window in my room. but it was still really dark in my room. and the windows were closed. >> reporter: when it was daker's turn to ask questions, it would be smith's first exchange with the man he believes tore his
7:37 am
life to pieces. >> do you remember telling them that the killer's eyes were blue. >> no. i was in the hospital and had gotten stabbed repeatedly by you. so, i don't really think that was a very good time to be asking a 5-year-old questions like that. >> the truth is, sometimes we just have to stand up to someone who attacked us. and who changed our lives, just to even say, i am standing up to you. >> reporter: daker is fighting new dna evidence that tied him to the murder. and faces a life in prison. it's possible he could take the stand in his own defense this week, even though he's his own lawyer. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> your heart just really goes out for that young man on the stand. >> it sure does. he was strong, though. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >> good morning, you guys. i can't imagine what kind of inner strength it took to face someone like that. we're going to start with new pictures. you've been talking about it all summer long. summer is the melt season for the arctic sea ice. but there's a lot of concern
7:38 am
from snow and ice data center and from these pictures from noaa, that this is the smallest amount of arctic sea ice we've had. you look at the darker shade, look at the white, that's how much we have. there's more in the melt season as we start to build more in. but the real concern, is that stabilizes the global patterns. we may see some shifts in how cold air moves because of that lack of sea ice. now, we get the chilly air mass coming down the middle of the country. if it feels cool this morning, it will feel cooler friday and saturday. chicago, friday and saturday, as well. 66, 61 >> hey, grover.
7:39 am
>> hey, sammie. how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> do you like my hat? >> i like your hat. >> you never know what the weather is going to be. >> it rained yesterday. you would have to be in central florida for that to work out for you. can you get there? >> let's see. right there? >> right here. >> okay. >> i'll be right there. okay. going to florida. >> bye, grover. all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. >> take us with you, grover. by the way, sam, what is this picture? >> oh, no. >> we'll find out ahead. >> oh, no. and coming up, babies onboard for jennifer aniston. how the superstar the having the last laugh on all the tabloid last laugh on all the tabloid pital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no
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7:43. and we all want this girdle. we are talking about the video that's gone wildly viral. jennifer aniston caught on
7:44 am
camera, in spoof surveillance tapes, revealing a huge baby bump and two kids we didn't know she had. she's in on the joke. and cecilia vega has all of the detail. >> reporter: after all those years of dogged headlines, could it possibly be true? a pregnant jennifer aniston? >> oh, god. oh. oh. so much better. how are my little triplets doing? you must be so thirsty. >> reporter: not just triplets. but jimmy kimmel for a son. >> can i go swimming? >> honey, please be a good boy. go upstairs and take a nap. >> reporter: even an alien baby. it's the stuff tabloid rumors are made of. >> would you take your little brother with you? >> reporter: this time, it's aniston throwing fuel on the hollywood fire. she was part of the team that came up with the idea to advertise smartwater by making
7:45 am
fun of herself. >> jennifer aniston's home security tapes, leaked online by an unknown source. >> reporter: is this a new thing in hollywood, self-deprecation? >> it's really empowering to take the people who are dissecting your personal life and throw it back in their faces and say, i can play this game, too. and the fans really love it. >> reporter: from hot-tempered tennis players. >> why would i buy tennis lessons? >> you don't have to pay the charge while american express helps resolve it. >> i don't get to dispute it? >> reporter: to directors. while aniston may not be pregnant with triplets. >> good night, rachel. >> reporter: that hair, we all know, is way too perfect to be real. for "good morning america" -- >> is there a light on up there? >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> that's the greatest. >> i love it. coming up, more great stuff. >> i love it. coming up, more jack, stuff. you're a little boring.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> yeah, ladies and gentlemen. josh is still off, taking a deserved break. but we also have elmo and murray here this morning. so, this is a public service announcement. hi. >> a public service announcement. >> do not put your dog on the trampoline. don't put your dog on the trampoline. unless -- it's mud, the 4-year-old bulldog. look how mud plays on the trampoline. this is not the best part yet. there you go. i can't even do this on a trampoline. >> so cute. >> and watch it. >> great tricks. >> i do, too. 4-year-old bulldog. crazy about mud. that's our "play of the day." where's burt? >> i'm not -- i'm not impressed,
7:51 am
sam. i'm not impressed by that. >> wow. >> wow. >> let me in. let me in. i need in there. somebody open the door. a better routine for a better back to school. so, want a jump-start to your day? studies suggest eating a healthy breakfast can help improve your mental alertness, attention span and memory. go, now, to on yahoo! and click on the wellness section to find out other healthy tips on how to start your day right. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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7:55 am
coming up here on "gma," fun moments you don't want to miss,
7:56 am
as "sesame street" takes over. broadway, brought to you by the letters gma. good morning i'm eric thomas. san francisco firefighters put out a fire a freeway off-ramp near at&t park. this was the scene a short time ago a small fire was burning from northbound 280 near king street not word on what caused the fire near a portable muni office, no injuries, there was an affect on traffic. >> there was. that is out now and lanes are open on northbound 280 they were shutdown for a time. alternate was 101, unfortunately both approaches to san francisco, 101 and 280 remain very, very slow.
7:57 am
elsewhere slow out of lafayette due to an earlier stall in the caldecott. good morning. the fog big story north bay during the morning as we need the afternoon it going to be cooler than average conditions as temperatures will be 5 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ can you tell me how to get can you tell me how to get ♪ ♪ sunny days everything "gma" ♪ ♪ on our way to where the abc ♪ ♪ tell me how to get how to get to 44th street ♪ that was good. ♪ a-okay they're all getting me a cookie treat ♪ ♪ tell me how to get how to get to 44th street ♪ ♪ can you tell me how to
8:01 am
get to "gma" ♪ >> that's a song just for us. >> yes. because you're so special. >> oh. well, it's great to have you over here at times square. are you having a good time this morning? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> good stuff. >> i can't believe you guys have been around for 43 years. >> you don't look a day over 22. >> i'm only 6 years old. >> good morning, everyone. as you can see, the whole gang from "sesame street" is here this morning. robin is on her medical leave. why don't you guys say hello to robin? >> hi, robin. >> hi. >> hi. >> we miss you. >> we all do. it's great to have elizabeth vargas and amy robach. >> this is a different feeling. >> i've never had cookies all over the desk like this. cookie monster. >> enough. >> yeah. >> here we go.
8:02 am
also coming up in this half hour, guys, one of america's hottest models right now in fashion. >> hubba, hubba. >> they're crowning a new superstar model. and his decisionmaking waved because this is the first plus-sized model ever. and look how gorgeous she is. >> hubba, hubba. >> you're only 3. >> hubba, hubba. >> what does hubba, hubba mean? >> yes. >> we'll get to that. we're also going to talk about "twilight." a huge movie franchise. and two of the biggest stars could be getting back together. we have the latest on kristen stuart and robert pattinson and what's going on right now in their relationship. >> i haven't seen that. >> we're going to do some news. okay? we'll see you later. >> okay.
8:03 am
>> bye, cookie. >> oh. >> sorry. i feel like it's all my fault. well, we begin with serious news. a new poll shows president obama's approval rating has jumped over 50% since may. romney is defending those remarking he made during a secretly skrooted fund-raiser. writing in this morning's "usa today," romney promised economic recovery instead of dependency. protesters are demonstrating against an anti-muslim video produced in california. police were able to stop them before they reached the embassy, which is surrounded by another set of high walls. meantime, a french magazine has published a series of insulting cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad, which could set off another firestorm. as a precaution, france is closing its embassies and schools in more than 20
8:04 am
uncountries. a new study finds children with higher levels of bpa were more o piece. bpa is in plastic water bottles to the lining of cans. it's a sight we will never see again. "endeavour" lifted off from florida's kennedy space center this morning. the last time a space shuttle will take to the air. it is being flown on a 747 to its final resting place in los angeles. actress lindsay lohan is in trouble again. tmz reporting she was arrested here in manhattan this morning for leaving the scene of an accident. she allegedly clipped a pedestrian with her car. it could lead to more troubles if the judge determines to arrest her for violating her probation. we just heard from lindsay tweeting the other day. and speaking of twitter, even if you're rich and famous, dealing with the cable company
8:05 am
can be an exercise of futility. patrick stewart just bought a home here in new york. he called the cable company to set up a new account. founding familiar? after facing delay after delay, he couldn't take it anymore. he started ranting on twitter saying, all i wanted to do was set up a new account. 36 hours later i've lost the will to live. immediately after that, time warner cable finally responded. but it was too little, too late. his rant has been retweeted more than 1,100 times, speaking to the collective frustration we've all felt in his place. >> i had to know all i had to do was tweet, i would have done that years ago. so happy to have elmo with me for "pop news." shall we get started? >> yes. >> and shiver me timbers, elmo. the tenth anniversary of talk
8:06 am
like a pirate day. i see, sam, you take it very seriously. >> argh. shiver them timbers, lara. >> thank you, sam, for helping to illustrate this important day of the year. talk like a pirate day is very exciting. you have to talk like a pirate or walk the plank, you land lovers. this was started a few years ago. and today, 10 million people are celebrating this gorgeous festival around the world. there's a facebook page, a twitter feed. if you want info on what's happening -- >> and get elmo away from the bell. >> 3-year-olds and bells. >> get ready to shake your pirate bootee, there's a party on the poop deck, everybody. i was trying to figure out how to say poop deck. thank you so much. after 60 years, we still love lucy.
8:07 am
the iconic sitcom was voted best tv show of all-time. more than 1 million of you voted. and lucy beat out "seinfeld," "m.a.s.h.," and "cheers." "i love lucy," still being shown in 77 countries, around the world, in 22 different languages. we're sure to be loving lucy for many years to come. and "sesame street" should have been right up there because it's our favorite show. >> yeah. >> we love you, elmo. congratulations there. and big news for all of you twihards. we were talking about this all morning long. there could be a happily every after for our two favorite vampires. are you team edward? kristen stewart and robert pattinson have reportedly been talking. they saw each other in los angeles last week. no word on whether they're officially back together.
8:08 am
she, allegedly has been reaching out, completely heart broking an causing the split. friends of the pair say they are putting their money on a reconciliation. >> that happens. >> that's right. you're so politically correct. and look very dapper this morning. that's it. that's our abbreviated "pop news." >> that was nice. >> he's a natural. >> he is a natural. >> you can fill in. will you throw to sam, now, for the weather? now, to sam for the weather. >> you look so beautiful, elmo. hey, lara. we found a pirate. it is really talk like a pirate day. you didn't make that up. >> sam, i don't make it up. >> i know. but just for a minute. just for a minute. i thought it was something else. thank you. >> i see there. >> i thought, she's just come up with a reason for me to put on an eye patch. it's not really talk like a pirate day. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with a game
8:09 am
our friends brought in from "sesame street" today. on connect, we were able to kinect sesame street that hit stores this week. if you are a little younger and more fit than i am. >> you can actually work on your body movements. you can actually use your body movements, your movement, your language, to change things on the streen. and make the experience come to life. i had a good time. spent an hour. that's why i'm not prepared for weather right now. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. we'll start with what it looks like on the east coast. cooler temperatures settling in after the rough front moved through. the temperatures after the rain will be in the 70s. and towards the west coast. you start with fog, particularly in those areas around l.a. it's fog and cooler numbers. when you move away from the coast, you'll get to the warmer temperatures. it was a little low hanging on the shoreline that's going to keep the fog and the low clouds around there.
8:10 am
>> i love this sign. >> you want to say it? here's a look at what's coming up on the "morning menu." >> nicely done. our first story coming up is the plus-sized supermodel on a mission. she is gorgeous. and she says you can be beautiful at any size. also, i have the craziest
8:11 am
dream last night. haven't been feeling well. having vivid dreams all about the emmy nominees. we'll explain it, coming up. also ahead, josh takes a visit to "sesame street" with a very special helper. that and so much more coming up on "good morning america," live from times square. trtrtronger lashes?
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8:15 am
hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. i'm talking to the sea? is this for real? [ sea, laughing ] yeah! what's what what what is what... [ sea ] i want you to close your eyes and imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you. can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪ ♪
8:16 am
check again. bert, b-e-r-t. how about earnie? maybe i'm under ernie. >> for heaven's sakes. someone needs to help bert get through security. we're going to talk to the woman who they call the plus-sized model from down under. she is now breaking ground as the first plus-sized model for ralph lauren. we're going to talk to her in a moment. but first, how the wilhelmina model rose to the very top. she's one of fashion's hottest new faces.
8:17 am
robin lawly's turning heads. not just for her beauty. butter if her curvy shape. at 23, the australian model has embraced her figure. and mainstream fashion magazines are taking notice. gracing the covers of "french elle" and "vogue italia," she's the first to headline a campaign for ralph lauren. an unheard of move in an industry that glorifies thin. she is defying the odds. >> she is paving the way for fuller-figured women to land these modeling campaigns. >> she struggled to keep up with the industry's skinny standards. but she persevered and got her first contract as a plus-sized model at 18. becoming the hottest face of the wilhelmina model agency. >> she's happy in her own skin. and that's something a lot of girls can look up to. i think she's setting a great
8:18 am
example for the fashion industry, as a well. >> and we're joined by robin lawley. you're gorgeous. >> thank you for having me. >> how tall are you? >> i'm 6'2". >> do you mind telling me how much you weigh? >> i'm a size 12. >> size 12. i mean, you are actually what most women look like when it comes to sizes, correct? >> correct. that's generally, the average in america, size 12. that's my size. >> when you first started modeling at the age of 16, did you feel pressure to diet? to lose weight? to look like the other models on the runway and in the magazines? >> i did, unfortunately. i felt a huge amount of pressure to diet. it was a battling for me to do that because i'm big-boned and tall and broad. i struggled to maintain that size. i was lucky enough to find plus-sized modeling. >> for a while, you dabbled in eating disorders, just to try to
8:19 am
shed the pounds. >> at that age, i was trying anything and everything. when someone says, oh, i want to become a model, you think, they have to be skinny and they'll have to lose weight. no one was really worried about me at the time, either. they just thought it was a way for me to become a model. >> did people actually overtly say to you, you need to lose weight? or was it more implicit? >> it was, you know, when i would go to castings or when i'd try on clothes that didn't fit, in my mind, i saw models on the runway. i have to become one of those size. it was a real struggle for me. it was more like exercise a little bit more and eat a little bit healthy, that's what they would tend to say to me. >> what made you decide to heck with it? i'm going to be beautiful the way god made me? >> i gave up trying to be a model. and i moved to france and fell in love with food all over again. and came back much bigger than i was. and i saw plus-sized models doing well.
8:20 am
and i thought and decided i wanted that. and i wanted to be on magazines. and i approached the wilhelmina modeling agency in australia. and they took me onboard. and they give me a contract. >> i want to talk about the first time you appeared on the cover of a magazine. it was "vogue italia." >> mine was "french elle." i found out at the time i was shooting "vogue it taliaitalia." i was pinching myself in awe. >> you didn't know you were going to be on the cover? >> you never know until it's out. you can't tell everyone, either. you have great news. and you have to keep it to yourself. it was a special moment for me. i love the covers. all the covers i've done, i love. >> do you think we'll see more models who look like all the rest of us, who are actually buying the clothes? >> i hope so. i hope. i'm sure there's so many plus-sized models in new york doing so well at the moment.
8:21 am
it's only going to get better. they've been more understanding and less discrimination. >> well, congratulations. and we're so thrilled to see you, front and center, in the new ralph lauren ad campaign. and best of luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> i think you look stunning. thank you for being a positive role model. and you'll learn one of robin's original recipes. he has her own food blog. on on yahoo! we're going to talk about the emmys now. we talk about it all week. and last week, i got sick. a really high fever. i had dreams, real realistic dreams that josh, myself, sam, we were all on the set of the emmy nominees. they were so crazy. but they felt real. i saw you in tights. you were -- >> tuesday? >> and brendan strong from
8:22 am
"desperate housewives" narrated my dream. it was weird. >> lara spencer dozed off, and dreamt of a faraway land. a place called madison avenue. it was 1960. >> anything else? >> i'd like to say something. >> would you? >> prepare to take a giant leap forward. >> un, deux, trois, quarte. ♪ zooby, zooby, zoo
8:23 am
♪ zooby, zooby, zoo >> it's going to be the best year ever. ♪ >> then, she found herself in a mystical realm, where seven kingdoms battled for dominance. >> you have a dragon on your shoulder. >> but in this game of thrones, only one can win. >> i'm goffry, ruler of the seven kingdoms, protector of the realm. >> our enemies will say anything to weaken your claim to the throne. >> it's no claim. the throne is mine.
8:24 am
>> of course, it is. no one believes the foul gossip. >> someone believes it. but speaking of believable, what's up with the extensions? >> what are you asking? >> i'm just saying. i make this look real and pretty fab. you're giving me some bad renaissance fair. ow. >> next, traveling across time and space, lara found herself in a bygone era, yorkshire england, at the downton abbey estate. >> downton home is where people rest and recuperate. >> i'm from greenwich. people clawing their way around my house. >> i hesitate to remind you but this is my house now. robert's and mine. and we will make the decisions. >> i have a job in ridley. i'll start tomorrow. >> a job in a partnership. you might have heard of it. >> i do mean to involve you in the running of the estate.
8:25 am
>> there's plenty of hours in the day. of course, i'll have the weekend. >> what? it's a weekend. >> then, a vision of a family. a "modern family," that seems vaguely familiar. >> phil? >> i'm like, all the kids say, i'm edgy, all great. you know? it's my thing. i text. you know, lol, laugh out loud, omg, oh, my god. wtf, why the face? i know all of the dances to "high school musical." just so you know. ♪ we're all in it together yes, we are ♪ ♪ we're going to start something something you know it ♪ ♪ we're all in this together yes, we are ♪ >> lay off the pizza before bed. >> yeah. >> you guys are frighteningly
8:26 am
good. >> not sure if it was a dream or a nightmare. but there you have it, for you, our "good morning america" audience. and go to on yahoo! to vote on what josh and i should wear to the emmys. we got roped into that, too. we will have your picks when we host. and jimmy kimmel will host the 64th annual primetime emmy awards. and you need to join us on monday, for our after-party. >> can you do it all in a british accent? >> i want to see some zooby zooby zoo. >> you will never see that again. >> can you do the british accent one more time?
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. san jose firefighters still on the scene of a fire they put out at an apartment complex a firefighter suffered a leg burn in the blaze. two suffered minor smoke inhalation. crews were able to contain the fire to one unit. no word on what caused the blaze. >> problems on the roads here's sue. earlier problem on the 280 extension san francisco has traffic still slow coming in 101 and 280 that problem long gone. earlier stall westbound caldecott tunnel, 24 gone, but slow out of lafayette. accident southbound 680 just being cleared and 880 near the
8:28 am
embarcadero a stall slowing things. >> we'll take
8:29 am
welcome back. sunshine today still have flight arrival days into sfo. temperatures right now in the 50s just about everywhere still 46 in napa.
8:30 am
same tomorrow cooler [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> yeah. oh, yeah. yeah. me liking the stage. oh. >> is that "call me maybe"? yes. >> i know. we're rocking can cookie monster. >> share it maybe. >> thanks a lot for coming in, guys. we're having fun with the muppets today. robin is on her medical leave. we'll tell you more about that.
8:31 am
they don't know what's coming on. elizabeth and amy here with us today. >> it's great to be here with the "sesame street" gang and the "gma" gang, as well. we also have a very special visit. josh takes his daughter to tv's most fun street. sarina has a ball. we're going to get a sneak peek at something brand-new this morning from elmo, as they launch their 43rd year, if you can believe it. >> that's right. >> unreal. also, ginger zee is a few blocks uptown from us here at times square. she's high above columbus circle, at the entrance of central park, about -- there she is. in that room, for an exclusive first look. what is inside? you will have to see it to believe it. >> it is the buzz of new york because they put this room right in the middle of columbus circle. nobody knows what it is. >> it's scaffolding. also, clinton kelly is here from "the chew." he's here going to show us some
8:32 am
food in case you're having people over for emmy night. i'm going to watch josh and lara. i want the know what the snacks are. including, the twice-baked couch potatoes? really? >> can you say that? >> they're called couch potatoes. i can't hear a word you're saying. we want to give you the update from robin right now. she's ended the chemo. she tweeted this morning that today is the day of rest. she's focusing on positive thoughts, words and deeds. on how ever day should be. love you from the bottom of our grateful hard. we're going to have her doctor give us an update. look what everybody is doing back here. that's the way she watches, through her toes. robin's been on twitter. she was trading tweets with lady gaga yesterday. >> only robin. right now, i want to come back over to elmo. [ cheers and applause ] and friends. you have a lot of friends here, elmo. we want to talk about josh's special visit to sesame street. >> he had a really wonderful time. and he brought his daughter, too.
8:33 am
>> it was fantastic. your special "gma" contributor, sarina. should we take a look? >> let's do it. >> elmo's world. >> reporter: for over a decade, elmo's been taking children on a journey into his world on "sesame street." >> welcome to elmo's world. >> reporter: now, as the show enters its 43rd season, the lovable, furry, red fellow of elmo's world is graduating. ♪ to "elmo the musical." >> it's called "elmo the musical." >> musicals like elmo the athlete, which i got to be a part of. >> elmo imagines another athlete. >> let the games begin. >> um, elmo was imagining someone a little more athletic, mr. josh.
8:34 am
sorry. >> reporter: okay. i didn't make the cut. but i decided to interview elmo, with the help of a very special "gma" correspondent, my daughter, sarina. i know you had a question for elmo. what was that question? >> why are you red? >> oh, because elmo was born this way. >> and what's your favorite food? >> elmo's favorite food is wasabi. that's why elmo has no eyelids. >> what's it like to live on sesame street? >> wonderful. you could come back and visit. >> and when we did come back, sarina, look. it's sesame street. a very special tour guide was there to greet us. >> are you josh elliott from that famous morning show "gma"? >> it's "good morning america." but that's okay. >> who is this? >> sarina. >> my name's murray. >> say hi, murray. >> welcome to sesame street. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> sarina, i have more friends in hooper's store. do you want to meet them?
8:35 am
>> do you want to? let's go. all right, murray. >> who is this? >> big bird, this is sarina and josh. >> hi, sarina. hi, josh. >> we went to our next stop, where we met maria, abby and the letter "j." >> we were coming up with "j" words like jump. >> how about some names? >> i know one. jebadiah. >> jane. >> josh. >> oh. right. >> yay. that's a good one. >> really? >> that's a good one. >> reporter: as much fun as we had on sesame street, it was finally time to say good-bye. >> give me one more. >> and i get a hug from dad, too. bonus. >> sarina made some friends for life. everyone had a great time. joined now by carol-lynn parente, executive producer of "sesame street." welcome back. >> thank you. nice to be here.
8:36 am
>> 43rd year beginning on monday. that is incredible. >> we have a lineup of fun stuff. >> you always keep it fresh. you always keep it new. and this year, "elmo the musical." tell us about it. >> you know, we're -- elmo's world's been so popular and been on the air for some time. we were anxious for what the next new elmo thing would be. and what we love about elmo the musical is it fits into our theme curriculum, which is science, technology, engineering and math, but through the lens of the arts. it's a wonderful math curriculum. and imagination curriculum, as well. >> you get a little bit of everything there. >> yeah. >> you've gotten great broadway stars to join? >> we do. we have wonderful composers that have scored the music for elmo the musical. singing and dancing and math. and good times. >> carol-lynn, thanks for sharing everybody with us today. we always have fun with the gang. we look forward to the start of the season on monday. >> thank you. let's get the weather from sam.
8:37 am
>> we're live at sesame street. at times square. i don't know how -- i just -- i keep doing that. good morning, everybody. let's get to one or two maps we want to show you before you walk outside your doors. we'll start with our big fly-by map, by the way. we can show you the west coast is kind of the sunny spot. there's some coastal fog. right in the middle of the country, it's milder. a little more comfortable today. and it's very few spots that we're going to pick up any showers. one of them is central florida, where that cold front is stalled. i don't know why there's a trash can here in the middle of times square. let's see. hey. everybody, it's oscar the grouch. isn't it loud for you with all of the yelling and the cheering? >> well, i have a complaint. >> what? >> yesterday, i thought was perfect weather. >> yeah. no, it was rainy yesterday. >> i know. why isn't it raining now? >> no. it's better today. we made a weather map just for you. >> really? >> yeah.
8:38 am
can we show that weather map before we call for other stations around the cup. oscar, oklahoma, where there's thunderstorms, your kind of weather. and about 87 degrees. dusty, new mexico. you kind of like the dusty. you have to look for strong storms to break out there. about 84 degrees. also, we've got grover, south dakota. elmo, utah. we put a couple of friends up there. bert's up there. i haven't seen bert. i don't know where he is. >> i don't know. but you know, elmo, he's pretty hot. it's 100 degrees there. >> it's warm for elmo. >> my favorite is oscar, oklahoma. >> oscar, it's nice to have you in the trash can right here in our neighborhood. thanks very much. >> all that weather was brought to you by party city. oscar, thanks again for hanging out with your trash can.
8:39 am
lara? >> thank you, sam. thank you, oscar. she played backup for her sister, toni braxton, on the show "braxton family values." now, tamar braxton has her own show, as they try to launch her solo music career. we want to show you a clip. here's tamar giving vince fashion advice. >> i would change my clothes. >> i'm just saying how i feel. >> i would get up. >> okay. >> yeah. she's -- she wants. but between me and you, she won. >> i'm not trying to be -- that's the problem. >> you should not wear that shirt. >> you're always in a competition with me. you can never be me. and i don't want to be you. >> it has the makings of a good reality show. here she is to talk about "tamar & vince." welcome to "gma." >> thank you. >> you were the breakout star on "braxton family values." every time you were on camera,
8:40 am
you couldn't look away. what can we expect to see in your own show? >> well, everyone's familiar with me being the youngest sister, the most opinionated, loud mouth. i give a lot of unsolicited advice. but on this series, i play second fiddle to my husband, vincent b. herbert, divo extraordinaire. i'm not the diva of the house. >> that keeps it level. you're used to that, sharing the spotlight. >> yes. which i don't mind. >> your career started as backup singer. your sister and you form a group. and you're trying to launch a solo career with your husband. tell us about that. >> it's a lot. not only am i signed to his label, he's my husbandger. it's a very hard thing to separate. when it's time to be romantic, have a date and talk about work, which i do all the time. >> if you're not familiar, your
8:41 am
and i he is, your husband, vince, is the manager of lady gaga, and now, he's managing your career. how is he doing? >> he's actually doing a great job. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> on the show, are you going to let it all hang out? >> yes. >> or are there places you're not allowed? >> we're letting it all hang out. you do get to see great moments like me starting my record. i'm in the studio. and i'm going through a lot of imaging situations. then, it's a lot of relationship things, too, which we're really proud of. we want to be an example of somebody having a relationship. and it's okay to go through ups and downs. but at the end of the day, we still love each other. >> i love it. you said before, you can talk to me about anything. >> anything. >> we know that. that's why people will be watching. check out "tamar & vince," tomorrow night. and coming up, ginger zee, high in the sky with an exclusive sneak peek you have to see to believe.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back, everybody. imagine going eye-to-eye with christopher columbus.
8:45 am
we'll, at least the statue of the explorer. 70 feet in the air, people here in new york are just about to get that experience and the chance to do it. thanks to an art project involving one of the city's iconic memorials. a group called the public art fund is behind it. and ginger zee made the hike 25 blocks north of here. and then, got on top of the statue. ginger? >> good morning, sam. not only are we 25 blocks north, but we're also seven stories up, above columbus circle. this is a very iconic intersection here in new york. we're seeing it like we've never seen it before. breathtaking views. you wait until we get inside this project. we will come face-to-face with one of new york's most iconic statues. as cars zip around, and as unexpecting crowds stroll by, above them, on scaffolding, is one of new york city's boldest art projects. but few people are even sure
8:46 am
what it is. >> why would they put the scaffolding up? >> weird. this is cool. >> reporter: a 70-foot statue of christopher columbus built in 1892, has been transformed into modern art. >> this is the first time any of us will actually have a chance to get face-to-face with this amazing statue. >> reporter: inside these four walls, high in the sky, the 13-foot marble icon takes immense center stage, in a room furnished by bloomingdale's like a modern apartment. startling contrast of the old and the new. and the public statue in the private surroundings. >> it's so creative. it never would have occurred to me to take the statue and present it in different ways to let people get up front and close and personal. if you will. >> reporter: it's the work of japanese artist tatzu nishi, who has done other installations at cities around the world. like in singapore, where he
8:47 am
turned this famous fountain into a one-of-a-kind hotel suite. this latest one is expected to attract thousands. >> it's a landmark. and i would love to be a part of it, if i could. >> we're not going to keep you outside. we're going to take you inside this beautiful apartment. i've decided that i want to live here, of course. it's huge. it's much bigger than most. it has the most beautiful views of new york city. the couches, the drapes. and look at this really cool aspect. see the wallpaper. tatzu nishi actually designed this. you have michael jackson, mcdonald's. you have everyone. basically that represents america. and what's more america than a 13-foot marble statue right in the middle of your living room. if you want to come here, you go to and you get free agents, tomorrow through november 18th. until then, i have to hand it back over to sam. >> ginger, i love the columbus apartment. how many bathrooms in that place? >> yeah. i have four. there's not one, is there?
8:48 am
there's not one, is there? >> no, there isn't. >> which substantially reduces the price, as far as i'm concerned. but you can touch columbus. and that's amazing. ginger zee, thank you so much for that view. we've all been wondering what's going on up there. by the way, we have more show. clinton kelly has a plate full of goodies. some snacks just in case you're having an emmy watching party. and who isn't? clinton's gong to tell you how to make it a hit.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're so excited because "gma" will be at the emmys on sunday, on the red carpet with the preshow. lara, josh, chris harrison and clinton kelly. >> hello. >> will be there. and he's here now with an array of munchies you can serve as your emmy parties. good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> we're going to start with twice-baked potatoes. >> we're calling them couch potatoes, in honor of the emmys.
8:51 am
i brought you by hors d'oeuvres that you can't miss with. the ones that everybody loves. these are the twice-baked potatoes. what you do is boil them first. they're new potatoes. you cut them in half. >> how long do you boil them? >> until they're fork-tender. you get them one-on-one. >> what's the stuffing? >> once you scoop out the inside of the potato, you're going to keep all of that potato. you use a melon baller or small spoon. you're going to add to that, cream cheese. cheddar cheese. >> yeah. bacon. >> i love bacon. >> come on, now. you know it. and chopped scallions, all the things you would love on a baked potato. >> fantastic. >> it comes out like this. and you put it back into the shell. it goes into the oven, and comes out looking like this, golden brown. >> how long in the oven? >> just about ten minutes or so.
8:52 am
you top it with some more sour cream and scallions and you have a platter of happiness right here. >> fabulous. >> and you also have, macaroni and cheese. >> mac and cheese balls. you can use leftover mac and cheese. roll it in a ball, use a little egg wash, bred crumbs, unbelievable. >> down here, we've got a takeoff on the canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. you have pineapple wrapped in crunchy bacon. >> crunchy bacon. put a little scallion on the outside. they're sweet and salty and crunchy delicious. >> and chocolate fondue. >> the chocolate fondue has the cayenne pepper to give it a little kick. >> a little cold out. the fondue solidified. >> we have a recipe for the "modern family" jewels punch. >> white grape juice, red grape juice, lemon juice.
8:53 am
you can use it with ginger ale or a sparkling wine. >> thumbs up. we have the recipes on our website. go to on yahoo! and also, on "the chew," weekdays at 1:00 eastern, 12:00 pacific. the emmys, sunday at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. we'll be right back. more with "sesame street."
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thanks for giving us such a full desk this morning. bert, you finally made it. >> who is ready to make some tea? what? >> say good-bye. >> good-bye. >> bye.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. caltrain will be adding new trains next month. new southbound and northbound train will be added to the evening commute beginning october 1st. and four shoulder trains will be restored those trains were halted three years ago because of budget problems. still waiting to see the sun. going to have to wait a little longer couple more hours coast will see sunshine cooler than average from five in livermore double digits nan , san jose and redwood city. possibly 80s east bay valleys. fog north bay valleys tonight. big story temperatures cooler than average all seven days. still jammed 101 northbound san jose accident past tully blocking lanes slow traffic. san francisco southbound 280 actually daly city area approaching

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